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June 27, 2017 by in Technology

More employees are bringing their mobile devices to work than ever before. So, it’s inevitable that popular project management tools are developing and integrating an Android (or iPad and iPhone)-friendly version of their software. It’s a no-brainer: Business often isn’t conducted in an office, BYOD is now the norm, and a cell phone is more often than not close at (if not directly in) hand. As such, here are some of the best project management apps for Android that provide an easy way to keep on top of projects while out of the office.

Meetings can be the key to moving work forward, but they can also be the wasted time that keeps you from getting anything done. At Slack, we think a lot about how to shift this balance for the better: We’ve looked deeply at meetings that work better (and those that don’t) in Slack, and we’ve talked to GV product partner and meeting scholar Ken Norton on how to improve company culture around meetings..

Now we’re sharing how these apps from our app directory can help you set up meetings quickly and prepare effectively before anyone gets in the room. They’ll also help you keep track of next steps and assign follow-ups before anyone leaves the discussion, keeping everyone accountable and making sure your meetings are a smart use of time.

Let a bot do the tedious work of finding a meeting time

Meekan Scheduling

When it’s time to set up a meeting, the Meekan Scheduling App will take the tedious work of finding availability off your hands. This AI scheduling assistant will cross reference everyone’s calendars to find the perfect meeting time and an open room, even across multiple time zones.

Ask Meekan to help by typing into any channel the app is added to.:

  • Schedule a meeting — “Meekan, schedule a team meeting tomorrow”
  • Find an open room — “Meekan, what rooms are free right now?”
  • Reschedule a meeting — “Meekan, reschedule my 1pm”

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